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Suspension Arms

Suspension arms are a critical part of any vehicle’s steering and suspension system. They allow the wheels to move up and down, while preventing forward and rearward movement and helps to maintain directional input from the driver.


Bettaparts suspension arms are deisgned to OE standards, ensuring their performance in all conditions.


Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends (also known as track rod ends) are a part of the steering system. Tie rod ends connect the tie rod (track rod) on one end, to the steering gear mechanism on the other end.

An outer tie rod end is connected to each front wheel steering knuckle.

As your steering wheel is turned, a shaft connects the steering wheel to a steering gear assembly.

Depending on vehicle design, the steering gear mechanism connects through a series of arms which connects to the tie rod ends. As you steer left or right, the steering gear pushes the steering arms and tie rods left or right respectively.

Bettaparts supply high quality steering components that create a strong connection which ensures a durable repair.


Ball Joints

Ball joints are safety critical parts and act as a pivot between the wheels and suspension arm, allowing the vehicle to be steered, while ensuring a comfortable ride. Ball joints are constantly under strain and are subject to significant stress and wear. So it is imperative to fit parts that have been designed and engineered to cope with this stress.

Bettaparts ball joints are designed, tested and engineered to match the OE standards.


Stabiliser Links

The stabiliser link connects between the anti-roll bar and the vehicles suspension. These links reduce body roll during cornering and absorb the shocks encountered from uneven road surfaces.

Fitting strong and durable stabiliser links is therefore important to enable a smooth but controlled ride.

Bettaparts stabiliser links come in either steel, aluminium or reinforced plastic as specified by the OE part.



Rubber to metal parts (bushes) are designed to reduce noise and vibration. Modern vehicles contain many variations of these components.


As they are subject to high dynamic stresses during operation, Bettaparts use only the best materials in these components providing optimum strength, flexibility and noise reduction on any application.